Second World War Library

A folio of relevant WWII titles in my library.
  1. Spitfire Mark I/II Aces 1939-1940 
Osprey Aircraft of the Aces #12 
by Dr. Alfred Price 
Osprey Publishing, Ltd. (1996)
  2. Hurricane Aces 1939-1940 
Aircraft of the Aces #18 
by Tony Holmes 
Osprey Publishing, Ltd (1998)
  3. Mustang Aces of the Ninth & Fifteenth Air Forces & the RAF 
by Jerry Scutts 
Osprey Publishing, Ltd. (1995)
  4. P-47 Thunderbolt Units of the Twelfth Air Force 
by Jonathan Bernstein 
Osprey Publishing, Ltd. (2012)
  5. WGSB - I Could Never Be So Lucky Again 
Gen. James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle & Carroll V. Glines 
Bantam Books (1991)
  6. Into the Teeth of the Tiger 
Smithsonian History of Aviation Series 
by Donald S. Lopez, Sr.
  7. Bombing Nazi Germany (2013) 
Wayne Vansant
  8. Bombing Nazi Germany: Interior Art 
(14 Oct 1943 Schweinfurt Raid)
  9. Hawker Hurricane MK I-V (2013) 
Osprey: Air Vanguard #6 
by Martyn Chorlton
  10. Brazen Chariots (1973) 
by Major Robert Crisp
  11. To War in a Stringbag (1980) 
by Commander Charles Lamb
  12. Flying Fortress: The Illustrated Biography of the B-17s and the Men Who Flew Them (1968) 
by Edward Jablonski
  13. Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds (2010) [Kindle] 
by Robin & Christina Olds, and Ed Rasimus
  14. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (??) 
by Captain Ted Lawson & Robert Considine (Ed.) 
Can't be certain, but it was an early edition... probably 2nd or...
  15. Thunderbolt! The Fabulous U.S. 56th Fighter Group (1990) 
by Robert S. Johnson with Martin Caidin
  16. Black Thursday (1987) 
by Martin Caidin
  17. Stuka Pilot [Kindle] (2011) 
by Hans Ulrich Rudel 
forward by Douglas Bader
  18. Samurai!, the Unforgettable Saga of Japan's Greatest Fighter Pilot 
by Saburo Sakai, Martin Caidin, and Fred Saito (1978)
  19. Fly for Your Life 
by Larry Forrester (1981)
  20. Spitfire On My Tail 
by Ulrich Steinhilper & Peter Osbourne (1989)
  21. A Higher Call 
by Adam Makos, with Larry Alexander (2012)
  22. Bomber Pilot 
by Philip Ardery (1996)
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