Jasta 5 a work in progress

  1. From above shows varied paint schemes
  2. The crowded skies
  3. Jasta 5 flight line stepped reward about half a wing length
  4. Jasta 5 flight line I tried a curved line
  5. Vfw Fritz Rumey Jasta 5
  6. WOW Jentz donor airframe
  7. It looks cool
  8. Rather fragile check decals I did sections and sprayed with matt acrylic to protect from my fingers
  9. Decals from 1-144 Direct
  10. Oblt Hans Berr Jasta 5
  11. F-Toys D 111
  12. Drome Decals
  13. Complete Repaint
  14. Ltn Henrich Bussing
  15. F-Toy D III Complete repaint
  16. Used Oyster White and Charcoal Both are off color from black and white
  17. Ltn Henrich Bussing Jasta 5
  18. Vfw Josef Mai
  19. Another complete repaint
  20. Cals decals along with Reverisco lozenge decals.
  21. Looks good
  22. Vfw Otto Konnecke
  23. Reworked a Hippel airframe for this one
  24. A complete repaint
  25. It makes a striking aircraft on the table
  26. Ltn Hans Von Hippel This is one of Reverisco full wing decals it fits very well. But requires touch up along the edges
  27. This one flew at Enfilade this year
  28. Struts gear and tail worked over
  29. Ltn Hans Von Hippel 
Reverisco Dva decals The "bolt was red I overpainted it in black
  30. Oblt Richard Flashar                                                             Left the mauve on this one as my significant other likes the color
  31. Touched up struts, landing gear, and tail
  32. Mostly stock
  33. Oblt Richard Flashar
  34. Oblt Paul Baumer Repainted over mauve with something that I like better
  35. Touched up struts wheels and tail
  36. Mostly stock paint
  37. Oblt Paul Baumer
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