RAF Cosford.

Quick trip round RAF Cosford with my son.
Needless to say, he loved it!!! and so did Daddy.
  1. Getting hunted by Roy Arthur Browns Camel... he loved this one too. 
Great day out!
  2. yet more models ;)
  3. more models...
  4. Got models?
  5. Japanese Plane, unsure as my son kept dragging me back to the Lincoln...
  6. I didn't catch the name of this one, but it certainly got my attention. 
Luftwaffe spy plane? Check the serial no. soon.
  7. Lovin the Lincoln!
  8. Bombs away!!!
  9. Lincoln cockpit, view from the escape hatch.
  10. Now we're talkin! Lets see Angiolillio make a model of this monster! Sweet.
  11. Mustang! For our American Cousins...
  12. Oooh she's a nice one?
  13. Lovin the 'War Planes' exhibit. In the background; A Kawasaki K1 fighter, and beyond that... THE LINCOLN!
  14. Lovin the 'War Planes' exhibit
  15. WW2 Diorama
  16. WW2 Diorama
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