WGS Allied Variant Cards

This album provides cards to allow modifications or variant capabilities to existing planes. These are adapted into WoG game mechanics from operational variants.
Please: There are enough variants to do, without doing "what-ifs' and prototypes.
  1. Variant Card FM1 Wildcat 
This is the continuation of the F4F Wildcat, built in GM factories, after Grumman started production of the F6F.
  2. Variant Card Spitfire MkIIB 
20mm cannons on Mk.II Spitfires. A few Squadrons trialed them during the Battle of Britain, but they continued to be...
  3. Variant Card Spitfire MkIB 
20mm cannons on Mk.I Spitfires.  Two Squadrons trialed them during the Battle of Britain.
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