Line Drawings for Cards

Where to start with a card build. I want a decent quailty line drawing for the upper layer (using Photoshop).
  1. Ju88 G1 Detailed 
This is from Steve [Guntruck], and almost too detailed.  There might be too many artifacts from the rivets to use this.
  2. Ju488 b4924571
  3. Ju388
  4. Ju188
  5. Ju88 Mistel A4 Lines
  6. Ju88 Mistel 3C outline
  7. Ju88 C6 Junkers Lines1
  8. Ju88 A4 Junkers Late Lines
  9. Ju88 A1 Junkers Lines
  10. Ju88 A Junkers Ju 88 A0 17 Late
  11. Ju88 G6 Lines1 
Not the best, but the only one I could find.  Barely acceptable.
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