WWI Central Powers Seaplane Fighters

  1. WWF Albatros W4 (Early) 
KuK Green 
Custom Paint job by Dave [clipper1801]:...
  2. WWF H B W 18 SFS Trieste Card 
Slight color shift to match a custom paint job.
  3. WWF H B W 18 SFS Trieste2 Card
  4. WWF H B FlyingBoats KuK SFK Cards
  5. WWF H B W 18 SFS Trieste3 Card
  6. WWF Albatros W4 (Early) 
KuK Blue/Brown 
Steve [Guntruck] custom paint job...
  7. WWF Albatros W4 (Late) 
Steve [Guntruck] custom paint job...
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