Zio Prudenzio Model - Kittyhawk Mk III HS-B 'Stocky" Edwards

This is a retouched version of one of Zio's card models, with 260 Sqn RAF markings. It represents HS-B, the plane flown by Flt Sgt James 'Eddy' Edwards, as he was known at the time. It was printed at an approximate 1/200 scale, and I threw it together as a test assembly on standard printer paper. Not as robust as card stock, but easier to cut and shape.
  1. Engine exhaust applied.  Bad words though, but not spoken here.  The parts were so small, I nearly destroyed the outer panel trying to clean out the...
  2. Quick check for size and look against the Hurricane...
  3. And, voila! Level elevators!
  4. Elevators glued to the brass rod.
  5. Brass rod for the elevators in place
  6. How to make the elevators sturdier, and more importantly level?  More brass rod.  The rod cut to size, and a hole drilled in the right place (I hope)...
  7. Cutting out and assembling the empannage parts.
  8. Second view of the assembly so far.  Engine exhaust and the empennage left to do.
  9. Prop disk and spinner attached.
  10. On the stand, with the back of the spinner in place, and the nose reduced in size.  The air scoop was removed, and reattached.  On the cutting mat,...
  11. Peg inserted.  I had to remove and resize it later.
  12. Putting in a peg, for the flight stand.
  13. Engine cowling together, and air scoop on top assembled.  The size of the cowling is way too big, as I will find out when I start building the prop...
  14. Engine cowling ready for first gluing, and comparison to a Hawker Hurricane.  Almost the right scale.  Air scoop is the little piece to the lower...
  15. Test fitting of wing assembly and fuselage.  It almost fits...
  16. Center core panel of wings inserted and glued.
  17. Top of assembled and glued wings.  Straight to my eye, anyway.
  18. Underside of wings assembled.
  19. Right wing root not yet in place, but testing wing shape and assembly.  Note the brass rod that I test fit at this point.  I didn't line up the...
  20. Re-inforcement glued into right wing.
  21. Cut and shape the right wing.
  22. First few attempts to get the underside of the engine glued together...
  23. Underside of rear fuselage glued.  Sort-of...
  24. Wing root joint to fuselage glued into place
  25. Wing root joint to fuselage cut and shaped.
  26. Wing glued together.
  27. Cardboard re-inforcing glued into wing
  28. McDonald's burger package cardboard cut into wing re-enforcements.  Curve applied to wing upper surface.
  29. Close-up of the left wing and main part of the fuselage
  30. Starting the cuts and assembly
  31. IMG 3321 crop
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