Zio Prudenzio Paper Plane Cards

The late Zio Prudenzio produced some awesome paper model templates, and were my first WoW planes.
The web site to get the models is here (for now):
  1. Sopwith Camel 
10 Squadron RNAS 
F/Lt N.M. MacGregor 
http://www.zioprudenzio.it/Fka_camel.html - Camel-6 
My 4th Build Album:...
  2. Sopwith Camel 
10 Squadron RNAS 
Acting Captain L.P. Coombes 
http://www.zioprudenzio.it/Fka_camel.html - Camel-4 
My First Build Album:...
  3. Albatros DVa 
Haptman Eduard Ritter von Schleich 
http://www.zioprudenzio.it/Fka_Alba5.html - Albatros5-1 
My 5th Build Album:...
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