International Skype Game - 7 June 2014

Neil [Skafloc] and Mike [OldGuy59] in a one-on-one.
  1. 11 March 2013 
Skype Game 2 
Northumberland to Vancouver Isl 
(Neither of us has moved since last game)
  2. Game11 Set Up 
My Garage, with the webcam directly over the table (out of view). 
Shots of individual turns were taken with a separate camera from...
  3. Game11 Trn01 Maneuver 1 
Neil in a Sopwith Triplane on the upper left, and I am attempting to fly a S-S D.III coming in from the bottom right.
  4. Game11 Trn01 Maneuver 3
  5. Game11 Trn02 Maneuver 3
  6. Game11 Trn03 Maneuver 1 
Shooting starts...
  7. Game11 Trn03 Maneuver 1 Close-up 
Shooting over!  Neil explodes, even from a long-ranged shot.
  8. Game11 Trn03 Maneuver 3 (Hypothetical) 
If Neil hadn't blown up in Maneuver 1, where would we have ended up? 
We both Immelmanned, and would have...
  9. Game12 Set Up 
Too short a game to call it quits, so set up another one.  Neil still wanted to fly the Triplane, and I wanted experience flying mine,...
  10. Game12 Trn01 Maneuver 2
  11. Game12 Trn01 Maneuver 3 
Tagged Neil.  Guns jammed!
  12. Game12 Trn02 Maneuver 1 
Neil repays the previous damage, but I can't.
  13. Game12 Trn02 Maneuver 3 
Two overlaps in two maneuvers, so no shooting.
  14. Game12 Trn03  Maneuver 3 
Darn, I missed uploading Maneuver 2, so the shot I gave Neil ended up with a jammed gun on my part, and a fire on Neil's....
  15. Game12 Trn04 Maneuver 1 
Neil takes fire damage and we start maneuvering.
  16. Game12 Trn04 Maneuver 3 
Completely missed each other, but my guns are cleared.
  17. Game12 Trn05 Maneuver 3 
Misread each other again...
  18. Game12 Trn06 Maneuver 2 
Finally get guns on target.  At close range, too.
  19. Game12 Trn06 Maneuver 3 
And here I pull a bone-headed move, planning two steep maneuvers in a row.  Replace the extreme side-slip with a straight,...
  20. Game12 Trn07c Maneuver 3 
Neil has survived the fire damage, and we maneuver for shots. 
Neil almost had me here.
  21. Game12 Trn08 Maneuver 1 
I attempt to out turn Neil and distance myself, but to no avail. 
Neil does an extreme side-slip, and closes the distance,...
  22. Game12 Trn08 Maneuver 2 
Another tight turn, and he still has me in his sights!  All this firing has overheated his guns, and they jam.
  23. Game12 Trn08 Maneuver 3 
Saved by the gun jam, or it would have been another turn of +1 shots.
  24. Game12 Trn09 Maneuver 1 
Overlapping, as I try to get guns on Neil.
  25. Game12 Trn09 Maneuver 2 
Saved by the jammed guns, as Neil Immelmanns to get on my tail.
  26. Game12 Trn09 Maneuver 3 
We are both out of arc, but Neil is in the tail position.
  27. Game12 Trn10 Maneuver 2 
Instead of the Immelmann I was trying to set up, I do hard right turns, trying to get Neil in my sights.  He manages to...
  28. Game12 Trn10 Maneuver 3 
If it wasn't for the stall I had to play, I would have had Neil.  But I'm just out of range.  Bad words were muttered.
  29. Game12 Trn11 Maneuver 1 
And then, Neil side-slips directly into my gun sights!  Awesome.  Until my guns jam up again.
  30. Game12 Trn11 Maneuver 3 
Neil pulls an excellently timed Immelmann, and chews up my tail.
  31. Game12 End 
Turn 12 Maneuver 2 
Neil pulls a back-to-back Immelmann and gets guns on me again!  I am ever so close to arc, but not enough.  
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