Slay the Leviathan Skype Game - 8/9 June 2013

Using the Forssmann-Manesmann Triplane Bomber from Clipper1801, we sacrificed a bunch of Entente planes attempting to shoot this monstrosity down
  1. North American Players
  2. Map Australia to Canada
  3. Game06 Trn07Mvr1Dmg The Rockets hit!  A Boom card, that wasn't an instant kill, so drew a C Damage card.  It was a "0".  I was using a Triple D Deck,...
  4. Game06 Trn07Mvr1
  5. Game06 Trn06Mvr3
  6. Game06 Trn06Mvr2Shot1
  7. Game06 Trn06Mvr2FrntView
  8. Game06 Trn06Mvr2Dmg
  9. Game06 Trn06Mvr2
  10. Game06 Trn06Mvr1DmgB
  11. Game06 Trn06Mvr1
  12. Game06 Trn06Mvr0
  13. Game06 Trn05Mvr3Dmg
  14. Game06 Trn05Mvr3CmlDmg
  15. Game06 Trn05Mvr3
  16. Game06 Trn05Mvr2Shots
  17. Game06 Trn05Mvr2Dmg
  18. Game06 Trn05Mvr2bCmlDmg
  19. Game06 Trn05Mvr2a
  20. Game06 Trn05Mvr1Shots
  21. Game06 Trn05Mvr1
  22. Game06 Trn05Mvr0
  23. Game06 Trn04Mvr3SPADDmg
  24. Game06 Trn04Mvr3Dmg - Following fire, so +1s to all these cards
  25. Game06 Trn04Mvr3
  26. Game06 Trn04Mvr2DmgCrew - Shows four crew injured, one C cannon, and three A gunners
  27. Game06 Trn04Mvr2Dmg - Crew hit, used Flight of the Giants 4+ Crew counters, and drew a second Two crew hit.  One C cannon and an A gunner on the nose.
  28. Game06 Trn04Mvr2
  29. Game06 Trn04Mvr1Dmg
  30. Game06 Trn04Mvr1
  31. Game06 Trn03Mvr3
  32. Game06 Trn03Mvr2Dmg - An A Damage Deck Boom Card.  This is a monster, so, rather than an instant kill, drew a C Damage card.  Yay!  Zero!
  33. Game06 Trn03Mvr2CmlDmg
  34. Game06 Trn03Mvr2
  35. Game06 Trn03Mvr1Dmg - Crew hit, Took out the Flight of the Giants counters for 4+ crew, and drew a two!  Two A gunners injured.
  36. Game06 Trn03Mvr0
  37. Game06 Trn02Mvr3
  38. Game06 Trn02Mvr2
  39. Game06 Trn02Mvr1
  40. Game06 Trn01Mvr3
  41. Game06 Trn01Mvr2
  42. Game06 Trn01Mvr1
  43. Game06 Trn01Mvr0StartComp
  44. Game06 Setup - My Plane Bench.  This was supposed to keep me organized.  Not so much...
  45. Game06 Scroll Map
  46. Game06 End - Damage to the Forssmann.  Explosions on this monster were not "instant kills", but required drawing of a "C" Damage card.  Both were...
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