Scrolling Map for the Mannesmann Triplane

Clipper1801's creation of a monster plane, gifted to the NHMGS. Given into my custody for transport to the next convention, but I wanted this thing to fly!
  1. Close-up of the Dowel ends, showing the pipe insulation foam, the hose washers and hose "O" rings, wit the clamps and eyebolts
  2. Scrolls, marked with "CENTER" Arrows, so the Dopey Lizard remembers which scroll goes where on the rig
  3. The Dowels, Clamps with eyebolts, and the pipe insulation foam for separators.  The paper rolls are shown for positioning purposes
  4. My crude cartography skills attempting to provide some atmosphere to the playing surface.  Bottom is the Trench Line East of Rheims, France, and the...
  5. Three pieces of beaver puke (masonite board) cut and shaped to the stand, with a small piece in the center to separate the upper and lower parts. ...
  6. Paper Feed , from the front
  7. How to have the bomber "stationary" (on a fixed path) and move the surface under it, from the back
  8. Clamp and eyebolt arrangement
  9. Showing the scrolling map arrangement, clamps holding a dowel and paper rolls
  10. Set up for Skype games in my messy garage.
  11. Landing1
  12. Approach1
  13. Tower Buzz
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