Cowman's Homemade Terrain Projects...

Thought I would share a few pictures of some of the terrain I have created during my downtime!
  1. Stone Formation
  2. Menoth Monolith with Stone Walls
  3. Paper Cottage
  4. Paper Huts
  5. Burnt Out Paper Hut
  6. Burnt Out Structure Front
  7. Burnt Out Structure Back
  8. Burnt Out Structure Interior
  9. Barrels Crates and a Wall
  10. Grind Ball
  11. Hill Top
  12. Bell Tower - Built from Plywood Main Frame and Plywood Base.  Windows, Shutters, Bricks, Flooring, Doors, and all of the shingles and roof structure...
  13. Bell Tower Entrance - Crushed lava rock walkway, Statue is old miniature from my junk box...
  14. Bell Tower Tree - Tree is made from twisted wire bundle, wrapped in medical tape and filler for detail. Top is Steel wool shaped and coated with...
  15. Bell Tower Top Floor Close Up - Floorboards and Trap Door are all made from Cereal Box Cardboard.
  16. Bell Tower Top Floor
  17. Bell Tower Roof - Roof and shingles all hand cut from Cereal Box Cardboard..
  18. Bell Tower Windows and Shutters - Windows and Shutters all made from Cereal Box Cardboard.
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