My Shapeways Squadron

I have had nothing but a great experience with Shapeways minis, take a look. Somewhere I described my finishing system for these guys on this site. Enjoy, I did!
  1. The D-VII"s were prepainted before assembly, yeah after I hand painted the lozenge I discovered the decals available : )
  2. Junkers were printed in a black material which took the polyacrylic well.
  3. DR-1"s came out cool, used the colors in the Squadron book, nice to fly an all white D-VII and DR-1
  4. D-VII"s getting the poly treatment while on the sprue-4 coats were perfect
  5. The fresh trio with one unfinished model. The props are best re-carved before adding poly
  6. D-VII ready for action!
  7. Like the wide variety of colors to choose from!
  8. The Shapeway's gaggle ready to join the circus
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