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Thread: Some KotA rules questions - (urgent)

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    Default Some KotA rules questions - (urgent)

    Need to get answers to such questions. Thanks in advance, guys.

    1. what does sorties 2+ in a mission description means?
    Doers it stand for an open number of missions? When is the mission ended then?

    2. chance for a balloon: if there is a ballon drawn form an A deck is it automatically accompanied by ground support (mg's, guns)? or it may stay alone?

    3. point 10 of the rules. Bombing: are planes always q\equipped with bombs or they are equipped with them for special missions only?
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    I've not played with version 1.x of these rules in a long time, but I'll try and answer as best I can:

    1. My intent for the Sorties X+ is that your group should play as many of that mission as possible during a single gaming session. If you can play more than one game of it, it would help average out and lessen the effects if an early explosion card end a game early on (or made it nearly impossible for one side to win).

    2. The rules have since been modified to give each balloon 3 random ground targets as defense.

    3. They only have bombs in bombing missions.

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    I must have missed the rules change!

    Are there Rules 2.0 posted somewhere?
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    No, they have not been posted as I've not had the time to finish them

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    OK, then some house rules will be applied Thanks for answering, Herr Oberst.
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