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Thread: Wings of Savage Mill (Maryland)

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    I don't have any G.1's though

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    I have two that are painted. If Anthony shows up that would give us three, I believe.
    And I'll have to count my Nieuport 11s.
    I'll also have to figure out how I'm going to transport stuff. Since I revised my storage, my regular transport boxes have become unfinished Shapeways storage.
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    I have 2 Nieuport 11's. I'll bring a Staaken & a balloon in case we feel adventurous

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    I just remembered Albatros D.IIIs are hard to come by, so we may have to substitute with some Pfalz D.IIIs.

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    We should be good for Nieuport 11s, in addition to the ones you have, I have a few too, including two customs -- Vampire and Fox-Trot.

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    Oh! We could also do N.11s versus Albatros C.IIIs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbmacek View Post
    Oh! We could also do N.11s versus Albatros C.IIIs.
    I should be there unless work throws a curve ball. I am not sure if I packed my G.1...I left one box at home and I think that may have been bombers.

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    As I've been going through my collection I've figured out two things. 1) I do not have a complete six plane set of any of the planes that have been released under both War and Glory titles, but I do have six of each of these: SPAD XIIIs, Camels, and Dr.Is. 2) I only have one Snipe, and it is a Wings of War Snipe.

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    That was fun, and it was great to see some old friends return, plus a potential new recruit.

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    Was great to meet you guys and looks like a new recruit. I was doing well until my pilot was hit and then the BOOM card. But was fun.

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    That was fun! Great to fly with everybody. Hope to see ya next time!

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    just checked the FGS site and see that the next WoG date is 12 June. I wondered when because going to the Reading air show and wasn't sure if I would be back but looks good for that date. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. thanks for the good time.

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    I think somebody may have mentioned fighting a Zeppelin over London for next time. I've got 2 BE2c's & I think PRS has one painted up as a night fighter. Could be interesting.

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    I think I saw that this Monday 6/12 is the next meeting so I will be there.

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    I'll be there

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    Good to hear so I will see you tomorrow.

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    I'll be there, and I think the other Mike was planning on being there as well.

    I wonder if the game store has any of the new planes for sale?

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    Do you think we'll see a Zeppelin?

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    I am hoping to be there. See you folks in a couple of hours.


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    Well had three game on Monday.

    1st game on the first shot on me a boom card. My Snipe didn't fair well.
    2nd game a 2 Bristol's on a photo recon mission. Plane all shot up and neither of us took any photos.
    3rd game 2 Bristol's and an escort. Better results. I got shots off on planes in front and back but it seemed after each rear fire the gun jammed. but we did accomplish the mission.

    Good game and better yet a good time with new friends.

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    I see Monday 10 July is the next meeting. I will be away so have to miss this one. Hope all have a great game.

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    I won't be able to make it either.
    Have fun!

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    I wasn't able to make it either. Sorry about that. Hopefully some of you were able to show.

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    Apropos of nothing, I will be going to Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie about at about 3pm this Saturday (the 15th). Looking at map, I didn't realize that Savage Mill was so close to there! I am just going down for a visit and out to dinner with the new owner there (former manager). I will then spend Sunday in Silver Springs with my brother-in-law and nephew and drive home Sunday back to Jersey burbs of Philly.

    If anyone was interested, I could be persuaded to come down earlier on Sat (say 11 or noon) to Family Game Store and say hi and perhaps squeeze in a quick sortie, or even on my way home Sun afternoon possibly if the store was open around 5pm or so.

    If not, I might wander down the street in Glen Burnie to Twilite Zone Comics and browse there.
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    Anyone coming out on Monday? Last month was just 2 of us...

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    I'd like to come, but I don't want to make the long drive from Tyson's Corner if no one else will be there.

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    I plan on flying Monday

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    Anybody else?

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    Looking good for Monday. Anybody else plan on flying Monday?

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    I plan to be there. Let's hope the weather cooperates.

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    I plan to be there. Wings up at 6.

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    I'll be flying today - see ya!

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    Anybody planning on flying next Monday? I should be there.

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    I will be back from the WWI show in Va Beach and will bring the DVII I won as the LL prize.

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    Sounds good - see ya!

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    Something came up today so not sure if I can make it. I will try but not sure.

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    So, we had 3 players last Monday; did a round robin set of Caproni bomb runs and a balloon busting mission.

    Seems we've been at 4 or less players a lot this year, and we've started wondering if there's anything we can do to revitalize interest. One thought is that maybe a little more pre-event chatter or scenario planning would remind people and get them excited to make the trip. Also, looking back at the beginning of the thread I saw jbmacek mentioned a facebook group for reminders. I'm still not on there, but if anyone thinks that would be welcome, they're free to go ahead and start one.

    Thirdly, this thing has been running on Mondays for 6 years. Maybe what was a good fit 6 years ago is less so now. Would another night work better for anyone? I'm pretty sure Friday & Saturday would be bad fits because of Magic & Open gaming nights, but if there's any interest in one of the other nights, we could also check with the store to see if it's a less crowded night before we make any changes.

    I was going to put a poll here, but apparently you can't do that in thread, so I've made a new thread for that...

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    Just took the poll

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