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    Default Rock-Con 2017

    Anyone going to Rock-Con this year? It runs Friday October 20 to Sunday October 22.
    This year it will be at Tebala Shrine Temple, 7910 Newberg Rd, Rockford, IL
    Early bird cost is $25.00 for entire weekend or $30.00 for entire weekend if bought after September 24.

    Beth and I will be going Friday and Saturday, not Sunday.
    I am wondering who will be running games.(Mike and Tim?)


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    I will be there Friday and Saturday too!!! I have plans for Sunday, so I will not be there then!!! Planning to run Friday night air school, and a scenario sometime on Saturday, just need to get them registered!!!

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    I am planning on 2 scenarios on Sat. Morning and afternoon. Maybe Axis and Allies on Friday night. See you there.

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    Sounds like a fun opportunity - now that I'm retired, it could be a 'thing' I can do....

    All the best,

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