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    Ciao! I need your address, I'd like to ship your D.VII today.
    Thank you,
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    Oh yes, but no sign of them today. Will look to head to you around 2:30pm tomoz just incase postie arrives
  3. I'll shall have vengeance
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    You might want to update your profile lol As I have defeated you in the last few games! MWUHAHAHAHAHA!
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In my spare time I do medieval re-enactment especially the 12th century with my re-enactment society Historia Normannis, I portray a medieval knight wearing head to toe maille which is a whole lot of fun, and I've done film work for the BBC and other film companies, and I've taken part in the annual recreation of the battle of Hastings which was a fantastic especially the amount of re-enactors that attend the weekend.
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I've started wargaming at the tender age of fifteen, my first miniatures were a 15mm Minifigs Napoleonic Württemberg army, then I drifted out of the hobby, then I rediscovered my passion for wargaming when I entered Questing Knight Games in Wellington, I collected a Confederate brigade from the state of Louisiana, I quickly became addicted and collected a German 1/56th scale WW2 platoon with several Panzer's in support, I casually stumbled across Wings of War and enjoyed my first taste of aerial combat, needless to say I've joined the massed ranks of the hopelessly doomed enthusiasts of collecting " little planes " as my wife Catherine call's them, I don't know what it is about this game but I've got to have more plane's.


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Children's Cancer Charity Children's Cancer Charity Name: Children's Cancer Charity
Awarded to those selfless pilots that donated to Go Fold for kids with cancer fund in the name of my nephew Carter.
Issue time: 12-05-2013, 06:11
Issue reason: Donating to Go Gold for kids with caner in honor of Carter Gates.
Reputation 50 Reputation 50 Name: Reputation 50
Award to members who have received 50 or more Reputation points from their peers.
Issue time: 10-22-2013, 16:36
Issue reason: This pilot is liked by his peers and has received 50 or more points of Reputation.
Derby World Wargames Event GM - 1 Year Derby World Wargames Event GM - 1 Year Name: Derby World Wargames Event GM - 1 Year
Derby World Wargames Event GM
Issue time: 10-11-2013, 07:25
Issue reason: 2013 Derby World Wargames Event GM
Minor Con GM Medal - U.K. Minor Con GM Medal - U.K. Name: Minor Con GM Medal - U.K.
For Aerodrome members who GM an approved, minor U.K. convention WoG event.
Issue time: 03-21-2014, 12:27
Issue reason: Participating as a GM at WMMS 2014.
Origins Ground Crew 2014 Origins Ground Crew 2014 Name: Origins Ground Crew 2014
Awarded to those members that helped the Aerodrome with bringing one of it's overseas members to Origins 2014.
Issue time: 02-12-2014, 08:38
Issue reason: Helping send Marechallannes to Origins 2014.
Origins Ground Crew 2013 - Silver Origins Ground Crew 2013 - Silver Name: Origins Ground Crew 2013 - Silver
Awarded to those members that helped the Aerodrome with bringing one of it's overseas members to Origins 2013.
Issue time: 05-08-2013, 06:59
Issue reason: A triple ACE for Lend-Lease 2013!
Donations up to $10 Donations up to $10 Name: Donations up to $10
Awarded for those that donate up to $10 to keep the site running.
Issue time: 12-02-2012, 01:30
Issue reason: Donation in the amount of $5. Thank you very much!
2 Years of Service and 1000 posts 2 Years of Service and 1000 posts Name: 2 Years of Service and 1000 posts
Awarded to members for two years of service and 1000+ posts.
Issue time: 01-26-2014, 18:53
Issue reason: Awarded to members for two years of service and 1000+ posts.
Wings of Glory 10-Year Anniversary Medal Wings of Glory 10-Year Anniversary Medal Name: Wings of Glory 10-Year Anniversary Medal
Awarded to Aerodrome members who joined on or before the 11th of March 2014.
Issue time: 04-19-2014, 19:02
Issue reason: Happy Anniversary Wings of Glory!!!