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    hey my email is i am looking forward to this so much
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    Hi Andrzej Paul (Tikkifriend) a fellow 52nd Sqd pilot here just to introduce myself and wish you all the best in the next few weeks
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    Thanks, Nightbomber. It's a self-portrait.
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    Just answered your questions about the D.III wings.
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    witaj. Mam nadzieję że niedługo utworzy się polskie skrzydło w tym miejscu
  6. Hello, everybody. Nice you have dropped to see my profile! Tally ho!
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May 6, 1966 (47)
About Nightbomber
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Opole ("Oppeln" during WWI)
WWI or WWII for you?:
World War I
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WWII Poland
Born many years ago. Addicted bordgamer, model maker and military history buff. Husband to a beautiful wife, father of two daughters. Social gamer. A lawyer. I used to use a German avatar-plane before; the reason is simple. My region has a multicultural history which I see on every street. And it's my first repaint:) I change it sometimes ;) to another extraordinary planes - WWII Polish PZL P37 "Moose", recently reconstructed in my country or PZL P11, a really iconic plane:)
Profile Message:
My Flight has been established in Dec. 2011, although our group had a bit of history already. I'm stationed in Opole, a very nice and friendly town in SW part of Poland, were I was born and now run my own small law firm and of course host WoG games as often as I can, trying to incite others.
If You ever plan to come to Poland, don't hesitate to contact me through this site and we can arrange some fun. This is the best social network I have ever joined.

I always remember what G.B. Shaw once said:
"We don't stop playing when we get old, but we get old when we stop playing":)



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Intercept a Two-seater. Solo mission : This is a solo mission for a fighter pilot ordered to intercept a two-seater. The rules have been ch ... 05-27-2011 224
Certificate of the first aerial victory (PL) : It's a Certificate of thre first aerial victory (in Polish) that I hand over to all my Flight member ... 01-09-2012 113
MIssion Generator v.1.1 : Extended and updated version over 1.0 one. 03-15-2012 180
Mission Generator v.1.0 : A first concept of a mission generator for a solo playable campaign. 03-11-2012 59
Official RAP Ace Abilities : Official RAP Ace Abilities; quoted from rulebook, but plain text in file without icons. Written as a ... 02-08-2013 23
OFFICIAL (RAP) ACE ABILITIES v.1.1 : Minor typing errors in previous version have been corrected. 02-09-2013 66
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The French Adventures of Andreas von Oppeln

by Nightbomber on 01-04-2013 at 11:26
I have been thinking of putting my alter ego, Andreas von Oppeln into the living solo campaign since I totally plunged into this game. That's because I had designed a Mission Generator uploaded into the filmem section and took part in the Over the Trenches solo campaign with my mates here on the Forum.
Now, when the MG is ready in version 1.2, I made up my mind. I am ready to send young von Oppeln into the fray.
My goal is to enlist him as a rookie pilot to one unknown Jasta and start

Read More

Updated 01-04-2013 at 16:06 by Nightbomber

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Special Operations Special Operations Name: Special Operations
Awarded to those members that go above and beyond to complete special assignments for me.
Issue time: 12-22-2011, 01:37
Issue reason: Dedicated service on the Unofficial Stats Committee.
Charity Charity Name: Charity
Awarded for taking part in a Wings of War Aerodrome fundraiser.
Issue time: 04-19-2012, 20:55
Issue reason: Donating 25 Box Tops for Education (donation made by BobP).
Children's Cancer Charity Children's Cancer Charity Name: Children's Cancer Charity
Awarded to those selfless pilots that donated to Go Fold for kids with cancer fund in the name of my nephew Carter.
Issue time: 09-21-2013, 08:44
Issue reason: Donating to Go Gold for kids with caner in honor of Carter Gates.
Reputation 500 Reputation 500 Name: Reputation 500
Award to members who have received 500 or more Reputation points from their peers.
Issue time: 06-21-2012, 21:33
Issue reason: This pilot is revered by their peers and has received 500 or more points of Reputation.
Top Monthly Poster Silver Top Monthly Poster Silver Name: Top Monthly Poster Silver
Awarded to the Pilot with the most posts for three months.
Issue time: 02-18-2013, 20:44
Issue reason: Top Poster for November 2012
Top Poster for December 2012
Top Poster for January 2013
After Action Report Bronze After Action Report Bronze Name: After Action Report Bronze
Awarded to members who have posted at least 25 After Action Reports to the site.
Issue time: 03-25-2013, 20:23
Issue reason: Awarded for submitting 20 After Action Reports for the enjoyment of fellow members.
Book Review Book Review Name: Book Review
Awarded to members who have posted at least 5 Book Reviews for the site.
Issue time: 04-23-2012, 00:49
Issue reason: Reviewing books so that others may know what to expect to find between the covers.
500 Photos 500 Photos Name: 500 Photos
Awarded members who have uploaded at least 500 photos to their Albums.
Issue time: 11-25-2012, 06:45
Issue reason: Uploading at least 500 photos to your Albums.
Origins Event GM - 1 Year Origins Event GM - 1 Year Name: Origins Event GM - 1 Year
Origins Event GM
Issue time: 06-20-2013, 13:01
Issue reason: Running games at Origins 2013.
Origins Ground Crew 2014 - Bronze Origins Ground Crew 2014 - Bronze Name: Origins Ground Crew 2014 - Bronze
Awarded to those members that helped the Aerodrome with bringing one of it's overseas members to Origins 2014.
Issue time: 03-21-2014, 05:07
Issue reason: Twice helping to bring Marechallannes to Origins 2014.
Origins Ground Crew 2013 - Silver Origins Ground Crew 2013 - Silver Name: Origins Ground Crew 2013 - Silver
Awarded to those members that helped the Aerodrome with bringing one of it's overseas members to Origins 2013.
Issue time: 05-08-2013, 06:56
Issue reason: A triple ACE for Lend-Lease 2013!
Origins Ground Crew 2012 - Silver Origins Ground Crew 2012 - Silver Name: Origins Ground Crew 2012 - Silver
Awarded to those members that helped the Aerodrome bring one of our overseas members to Origins 2012.
Issue time: 04-22-2012, 00:23
Issue reason: Reaching the Trifecta of the Lend-Lease Program.
LGKR Memorial Medal LGKR Memorial Medal Name: LGKR Memorial Medal
A medal made in the memory and honor of an esteemed pilot. May he forever fly in blue skies.
Issue time: 09-24-2012, 02:10
Issue reason: Blue Skies LGKR!
KotA Contribution Medal KotA Contribution Medal Name: KotA Contribution Medal
Award to those select few that donated to help fund the World Wide Knights of the Air campaign site functions.
Issue time: 10-14-2011, 00:58
Issue reason: Helping make the KotA World Wide Campaign happen!
Bovine Caritas Bovine Caritas Name: Bovine Caritas
Awarded to those members that came to the aide of The Cowman in his time of need.
Issue time: 11-15-2011, 23:55
Issue reason: Coming to the aid of a fellow pilot.
Donations up to $150 Donations up to $150 Name: Donations up to $150
Awarded for those that donate up to $149 to keep the site running.
Issue time: 05-05-2013, 15:37
Issue reason: For donation in the amount of $130. Thank you very much!
Trivia Quiz Winner Trivia Quiz Winner Name: Trivia Quiz Winner
Answering all of the Trivia Quiz questions correctly.
Issue time: 01-15-2012, 21:32
Issue reason: Trivia Quiz #18: Aces
2 Years of Service and 1000 posts 2 Years of Service and 1000 posts Name: 2 Years of Service and 1000 posts
Awarded to members for two years of service and 1000+ posts.
Issue time: 05-23-2013, 13:13
Issue reason: Awarded to members for two years of service and 1000+ posts.
Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Name: Christmas 2011
Awarded pilots that flew sorties on Christmas Eve and Christmas day 2011.
Issue time: 12-28-2011, 02:40
Issue reason: Awarded for sorties flown on Christmas Eve or Christmas day 2011.
Sails of Glory Anchorage Founding Member Sails of Glory Anchorage Founding Member Name: Sails of Glory Anchorage Founding Member
Awarded to those members that donate to the founding of the Sails of Glory Anchorage website.
Issue time: 11-10-2011, 08:48
Issue reason: Donating to the founding of the Sails of Glory Anchorage website.