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    June 2017
    Series 3 Reprint
    Nieuport 17
    Albatros D.III
    RAF R.E.8
    Ufag C.I

    March 2017
    Battle of Britain Starter Set
    Spitfire Mk.I and Mk.II
    Messerschmitt Bf 109E
    Hawker Hurricane Mk.II
    Junkrs Ju.87 Stuka

    Unknown Dates

    WGS Series 7
    F4U Corsair
    Lockheed P-38F/L Lightning
    Nakajima Ki.44-IIb e Ki.44-IIc
    Messerschmitt Me.410
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  • 2015 Lend-Lease Wingman Repaints - Round 2

    For the third and final raffle of the 2015 Lend-Lease program, we have more beautify custom painted mins by various members of the Aerodrome. So without further ado, the custom painted minis...

    Sopwith Camel by Sulring

    Sopwith Camel by Flying Officer Kyte

    Airco DH.4 by freebird-52

    Albatros D.Va by Pseudotheist

    Fokker Dr.I by Nightbomber

    Fokker Dr.I by Sparky

    And Skafloc, our Lend-Lease participant, could not paint some minis up for these raffles, so he contributed these official minis instead:

    For those of you that have not been counting, that is a total of 8 minis up for grabs!!

    Important Information

    Please help me out with all the paperwork/admin stuff that goes on behind the scenes. When you are on the Paypal checkout page, you should find a place where you can enter your user name. Please enter your user name from here on the site in that text box. I don't have all of your real names matched to your user names matched to your email addresses (many of you use different emails for Paypal and the site). Without your user name, it is possible you might not receive credit for this round.

    After you purchase your tickets, please use these links to request the correct medal...

    2015 Origins Ground Crew
    Use this one if this is your first raffle purchase for the 2015 Lend Lease program.

    2015 Origins Ground Crew - Bronze
    Use this one if you supported the Caproni raffle earlier this year as well.

    2015 Origins Ground Crew - Silver
    Use this one if you supported the Caproni raffle and the Wingman Repaint Raffle 1 earlier this year as well.

    This Round is closed.
  • Recent Posts


    Newbie tactics help

    Cheers Christopher. My reference to the DR1's speed was in comparison to the Moraine N lol. Until later this week I only have 4 planes, that is changing

    Popsical Today, 00:54 Go to last post

    Metal and Resin aircraft list

    Dave Schmid at Armaments in Miniature has taken over production of the HBM sculpts, check out his website - http://www.armamentsinminiature.com/

    Carl_Brisgamer Today, 00:15 Go to last post

    Metal and Resin aircraft list

    Has anyone managed to contact HBM lately? I've tried four different email addresses, the two here and the two on the website, and they all bounce.

    woppit Yesterday, 23:47 Go to last post


    ...as far a s I know, the AI ignores special damage except fire & explosions.

    Marechallannes Yesterday, 23:15 Go to last post

    Battle of Britain Memorial Flight grounded

    News item this morning stating that the Lancaster, two Hurricanes and three Spitfires of the BBMF have been grounded due to engine issues. Three other

    Guntruck Yesterday, 22:48 Go to last post

    Father's Day at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

    the joys of viewing on a phone with old eyes ...

    Stumptonian Yesterday, 22:10 Go to last post


    If any U.K. members would like to buy a copy of the black and white 'Dunkirk' movie starring John Mills, Richard Attenborough and Bernard Lee, go to your

    Naharaht Yesterday, 22:10 Go to last post

    Newbie tactics help

    I agree with what Christopher said. Another thing you could do, if you can afford them, is to buy some two-seaters of your own.

    Naharaht Yesterday, 21:59 Go to last post

    I Think I've Found The Perfect Beer For This Place...

    An ale named after the famous Republic F-105 Thunderchief.

    Naharaht Yesterday, 21:34 Go to last post

    Here is one for the Sea Plane Lovers!

    Have not had many art works lately but found this nice one on the Aerodrome Historical Forum by Bill Wenman.
    Short 184 from WW1.

    gully_raker Yesterday, 21:00 Go to last post

    DOC & FIFI

    Thanks chaps!
    Nice pics/videos.

    gully_raker Yesterday, 20:52 Go to last post

    DOC & FIFI

    Whoa... good video.

    Thank you!

    fast.git Yesterday, 20:51 Go to last post

    Newbie tactics help

    Hi Steven! I've got a couple of quick thoughts...

    First, WoG works best (especially WGF) when each player flies a single kite... the level

    fast.git Yesterday, 20:49 Go to last post

    DOC & FIFI

    Here is the second.

    Naharaht Yesterday, 20:37 Go to last post

    DOC & FIFI

    It must have been quite an experience to see the two B-29's flying together for the first time .

    The next two videos also showed some good

    Naharaht Yesterday, 20:36 Go to last post


    I have used this a handful of times and really enjoy it. I did have a question though, what happens when the AI plane takes damage that prevents it from

    BrianLas Yesterday, 19:13 Go to last post

    Father's Day at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

    I second that opinion strongly -- its a major cool place to visit. Lots of history in the area to see as well (Vanderbilt Estate, Ogden Mills Mansion,

    NewFlyBoy Yesterday, 18:37 Go to last post

    Series 10 ideas

    I completely agree. We need Voisins, Caudrons, Pomilios, the Fe2b, the Be2, Vickers Gunbus, Bristol Scout, Fokker D.II, Hansa Brandenburg C.I, Pfalz

    Carl_Brisgamer Yesterday, 18:10 Go to last post

    Torpedoes for Devastator TBD

    Bob I have those MERIT planes and no torpedoes on the ones I have. They must have changed the mold and added them.

    BobP Yesterday, 16:38 Go to last post

    Father's Day at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

    Bill the wife was the one that went into the building then came and found me and said I had to go in an see what was there. We must have spent 1/2 hour

    BobP Yesterday, 16:34 Go to last post

    75 years ago

    I am sorry I didn't get stories from my uncle (radio op) and cousin (crew chief) but then again they may not have wanted to talk about those times.

    BobP Yesterday, 16:28 Go to last post

    DOC & FIFI


    Found this today and had to post it. 2 B-29's in the air together.

    BobP Yesterday, 16:24 Go to last post

    My first wog aircraft

    Nice find. .. don't recognise the sqn but very nice find

    Tristan Yesterday, 16:04 Go to last post

    75 years ago

    Mainly because no one had ever done a proper test of "fighters vs. unescorted bombers". Had Claire Chennault had his way, there would have been

    csadn Yesterday, 15:12 Go to last post

    My first wog aircraft

    Received my copy of RAF Fighter Squadrons. Has that lovely stored old book smell and tanned blotting paper pages. Other than that as new. Looks great

    SeaJaySee Yesterday, 15:10 Go to last post
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