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  • Colbatman Memorial Raffle

    As many of you know, on July 2nd of this year, we lost one of our Australian pilots, Colbatman. The Col, as he was called by friends and fellow pilots, was an active member of his local gaming group and promoted not only playing Wings of Glory, but also the hobby side of the game with painting many planes. Before his passing, the Col selected two of his lovingly painted and rigged Shapeways planes to be raffled off in his memory. Here in the very near future his surviving wife will be moving so that she can be closer to their son. As we all know, moving always comes with extra financial expenses and the funds raised here could really help the Col’s family out.

    In honor of his request, it is with fond thoughts and a heavy heart that I post the Colbatman Memorial Raffle. This raffle will have two groups of prizes.

    The first group in concludes a Caudron F-40 in Belgian colours with its unique "grinning skull" nose art plus a Vickers FB 5 "gunbus" in CDL British finish.
    As you can see both models are rigged to Col's excellent standard.

    This group of prizes will be awarded to one lucky winner.

    The next group of prizes, one each of the Wings of War RAF R.E. 8 miniatures, was graciously donated by 7eat51 and will be awarded to a second winner.

    Everyone that enters the raffle will be awarded the Colbatman Memorial Medal to proudly display on their profile page and each of their posts.

    Please use the Paypal drop down and button below to purchase the raffle tickets. Each ticket is $5 and you can purchase as many tickets as you like.

    Blue Skies Col.

    This raffle is now closed and the winner will be drawn later today!
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    I Think I've Found The Perfect Beer For This Place...

    Yet another of their products.

    Naharaht Today, 19:41 Go to last post


    Congratulations, Simon!

    Naharaht Today, 19:23 Go to last post

    Official Airplane Bucket List

    A shorts sunderland. I don't know if any exists now. .

    Tristan Today, 19:05 Go to last post


    Congrats on your Promotion Simon!
    Keep on Flying.

    gully_raker Today, 18:54 Go to last post

    Official Airplane Bucket List

    The PBY at the MAM in Va Beach but don't think they give rides.

    BobP Today, 18:38 Go to last post

    Official Airplane Bucket List

    The wife getting off the Memphis Belle. The short person in jeans and a boonie hat left of the A.

    BobP Today, 18:31 Go to last post

    Official Airplane Bucket List

    Well is a part of a bucket list. Flew on the B-17 YANKEE LADY a few years back. I was lucky to get behind to Co pilot so a good view in the cockpit and

    BobP Today, 18:26 Go to last post

    WGS For Sale: He 111, P-40, P-51, B-17

    The 'Belle' arrived safe and sound today, Dave! Thanks again

    All the best,

    matt56 Today, 16:30 Go to last post

    Official Airplane Bucket List

    This thread is for anyone to post a bucket list of vintage airplanes they want to fly in before they take that final flight over the horizon. This idea

    Tokhuah Today, 16:25 Go to last post


    Info direct from web site:

    The Cresset
    Bretton Centre
    PE3 8DX

    Sunday 3rd September

    Maverick Today, 15:22 Go to last post


    Is the date correct? Not that it matters as I can't make the 3rd Sept if correct.

    Rebel Today, 15:11 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    The Other Partizan.


    Flying Helmut Today, 14:51 Go to last post

    DOC & FIFI

    A picture of FIFI I took 5 years ago at the Reading show. Not as close as your.

    BobP Today, 14:18 Go to last post
    Dieter W.

    DOC & FIFI

    speaking of B-29 FIFI, here are some pictures from the CAF flying that happened july 15th I believe at Lunken airport.

    Dieter W. Today, 13:08 Go to last post

    Joint Base Andrews

    The actual show is on 16 and 17 Sept. The 15th is if you have a DoD ID, which I do, so I will be there on Friday and hope to get some good pictures.

    BobP Today, 13:03 Go to last post


    Congratulations Simon. It is nice to get a promotion.

    BobP Today, 13:01 Go to last post

    Father's Day at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

    For a 100 year old tank just that it starts yet alone runs and moves is something to see.

    BobP Today, 12:58 Go to last post

    Battle of Britain Memorial Flight grounded

    I presume that there is a network of Merlin powered aircraft users and the other users have been notified. I wonder whether the same fault applies to

    Naharaht Today, 12:44 Go to last post

    He.111 -- Cannon in the tail?

    I've seen a couple -- and both were Australian V8 Supercars; there was a design flaw which put the fuel cell in a place were a solid rear-end impact would

    csadn Today, 12:26 Go to last post

    Battle of Britain Memorial Flight grounded

    Notable: It's an engine problem, and all the acft. use the same type of engine.

    Can anyone say "point failure threat"?

    csadn Today, 12:22 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    The Other Partizan.

    See you Sunday Trev.

    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 11:35 Go to last post

    The Other Partizan.

    Oh, yes, lots of boom cards especially on Sunday.....hint, hint.

    Skafloc Today, 11:15 Go to last post

    The Other Partizan.

    Me too Neil, Doncaster always great fun, good company, beer and lots of Boom Cards!!!!!!!!!

    Brambo Today, 11:02 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    He.111 -- Cannon in the tail?

    Same deal with films and explosions - every car that explodes in a Hollywood movie goes off like it's filled with half a ton of TNT sitting in 50 gallons

    Flying Helmut Today, 10:46 Go to last post


    Well done, Lieutenant!

    Marechallannes Today, 10:44 Go to last post
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