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    June 2017
    Series 3 Reprint
    Nieuport 17
    Albatros D.III
    RAF R.E.8
    Ufag C.I

    March 2017
    Battle of Britain Starter Set
    Spitfire Mk.I and Mk.II
    Messerschmitt Bf 109E
    Hawker Hurricane Mk.II
    Junkrs Ju.87 Stuka

    Unknown Dates

    WGS Series 7
    F4U Corsair
    Lockheed P-38F/L Lightning
    Nakajima Ki.44-IIb e Ki.44-IIc
    Messerschmitt Me.410
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  • Lend-Lease 2013 Raffle 3 - Jasta 12

    This project is finished.

    I'd like to start this off by first saying that we as a community have really come together over the past two years in regards to the Lend-Lease program. In 2012 we were able to raise enough money to cover the expenses to bring Guntruck over as the very first Lend-Lease participant. This year everyone has again made it possible to bring another one of our great members, Nightbomber, over to be a part of our annual Origins Game Fair Convention. The first two raffles for teh 2013 Lend-Lease raised enough to cover the cost of getting him over here.

    While we could call it quits at this point and everything would go smoothly, I'd like to run one more raffle. Why you ask? First, I know there are some of you that have joined the site or learned about the Lend-Lease program after the last raffle that want to be a part of this as well. For that, I am personally very thankful. It's this spirit of community that has formed here on the Aerodrome that makes all the work and effort worth it. Secondly, I already had the artwork for the higher levels of the medal made up and I already have the prizes as well, might as well go ahead and make those available to those that would like them. And finally, while the Lend-Lease was created to bring one of our overseas members to the Con, the whole reason we started doing the Con in the first place was to spread the word about the game and get more people involved. Doing this has it's own set of expenses and this last raffle will help to cover those and allow us to give out more prizes.

    This final raffle will be for a set of three Fokker Dr.Is custom painted in Jasta 12 colors:

    Vzfw Ulrich Neckel

    Ltn. Hermann Becker

    Ltn Hans Besser

    This raffle is finished, thanks to everyone that help support Lend-Lease 2013!
  • Recent Posts

    Flying Helmut

    WW2 Aviation-Art

    Amazing as always!

    Love the '37s!

    Flying Helmut Today, 10:52 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    Good evening from the middle


    Flying Helmut Today, 10:49 Go to last post

    Battlegroup South Bovington tank museum wargames show 1&2 july

    I'll be there for 9.00 Chris. Mrs Ajay and I have booked into a B and B in nearby Blandford Forum for Friday and Saturday so as to cut back on journey

    Ajay Today, 10:39 Go to last post

    What's On Your Workbench -- June 2017

    Really nice job Dave - looks stunning

    Hedeby Today, 10:06 Go to last post

    Origins 2017 King Kong AAR

    Now that is different - well done chaps

    Hedeby Today, 10:01 Go to last post

    Series 3 Reprint Unboxing

    Thanks for doing this, seeing the planes and cards they come with together is very helpful. Rep coming!

    brdavis Today, 09:23 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    WW2 Aviation-Art

    I never fail to be amazed by this work.
    Maybe that is why I have your picture of Albert Ball in pride of place in my hallway.

    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 09:18 Go to last post

    What's On Your Workbench -- June 2017

    I can't find anything on the specific planes as decalled. So for now...

    The 'Flying Tin Openers':

    OldGuy59 Today, 09:16 Go to last post

    Series 3 Reprint Unboxing

    And one last one:

    As far as the Royal Aircraft Factory products:

    And indeed, one of them has a Davis gun:

    zenlizard Today, 09:05 Go to last post

    Series 3 Reprint Unboxing


    And if we have Albatros D-IIIs, we *must* have von Richthofen:

    And the Austro-Hungarians have a nice

    zenlizard Today, 08:58 Go to last post

    Series 3 Reprint Unboxing

    And most of the pilots/aircrew had different cards for phases in their careers. For example, Baracca:

    And Nungesser. Note that his

    zenlizard Today, 08:51 Go to last post

    Series 3 Reprint Unboxing

    Finally got the pic and edits. Let's see what was to be had:
    First, the extras for ordering the full sets:

    As usual, there

    zenlizard Today, 08:45 Go to last post

    Good evening from the middle

    Welcome Matt, your in good company. Word of warning though, don't let Flying Helmut (Tim) talk you into Sails of Glory!!!!!!!

    Brambo Today, 08:36 Go to last post

    WW2 Aviation-Art

    Outstanding pictures rOEN911, you are really talented, thanks for sharing.

    Brambo Today, 08:28 Go to last post

    WW2 Aviation-Art

    Top artwork !

    flash Today, 07:58 Go to last post

    Firing range in 1/144 scale

    I would say if the base sizes don't change why change the ruler.

    Skafloc Today, 07:55 Go to last post

    North Texas Wings of Glory Players

    I live about 20-25 minutes away from the museum, Les, and the high school I taught at was only 5 minutes away. The museum opens at 9AM every day (except

    matt56 Today, 07:40 Go to last post

    WW2 Aviation-Art

    Hi there Guys , hope everybody are ok ! I havent post something here for some time ! Payback :P

    Samples of the new artworks i finished since

    rOEN911 Today, 07:23 Go to last post

    North Texas Wings of Glory Players

    Thank you. I sure didn't expect so many "welcomes", this was really nice.

    ChesterB Today, 07:00 Go to last post

    North Texas Wings of Glory Players

    Thanks - I was surprised to get so many "welcome" notes. Ohio is on our must visit list because of the Wright Patterson and the museum there.

    ChesterB Today, 07:00 Go to last post

    What's On Your Workbench -- June 2017

    I agree on the Blue Mouse's color, Tim - I like this lighter blue version - very similar to the F-Toys model. Well played, Dave!

    Your AIM

    matt56 Today, 06:34 Go to last post

    Good evening from the middle

    It's started. My first minis will arrive tomorrow.

    MaddMatt Today, 05:33 Go to last post

    T'Qali gets a pasting...again!

    Simons choice not mine.

    Skafloc Today, 05:10 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    T'Qali gets a pasting...again!


    NO SAILS!!!!!

    Flying Helmut Today, 05:05 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    North Texas Wings of Glory Players

    welcome to the 'Drome, Les!

    Flying Helmut Today, 05:04 Go to last post
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