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  • D.III Challenge Winner!

    The D.III Challenge was a huge success with 17 entries! It was a hard choice, but our members have spoken and the winner is...

    Pflanzer with his beautiful recreation of Ltn. Lothar von Ricthofen of Jasta 11. Tony used the Frommherz F Toys model for this repaint. A big Congrats to Tony!!

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    London Bomb

    The Germans had a 1000+kg bomb called the SC 1000, nicknamed "Hermann" after the Luftwaffe commander. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SC1000_bomb

    Naharaht Today, 01:03 Go to last post

    A Clipper Christmas 2016

    Those are great Christmas Tree decorations, David!

    Naharaht Today, 00:49 Go to last post

    A Clipper Christmas 2016

    Just getting some pictures sorted, here's some shots of Christmas at the Clippers . . .

    Santa came on a Zeppelin again

    clipper1801 Today, 00:22 Go to last post

    WW2 Starter Set Availability

    Thank you. After I posted, I thought about it and figured BoB would be replacing the original Starter Set. However, there are NO starters anywhere! Wow,

    Goose Today, 00:16 Go to last post

    Permission to Come Aboard...

    FIRST OF ALL... Thanks for rolling out the welcome wagon. I have never received greetings anyone from across the pond or even Poland or Australia, for

    Goose Today, 00:09 Go to last post

    London Bomb

    A lost cookie in the river?

    Don't know exactly what kind of bigger bombs the Luftwaffe threw on London beside V1s and V2s.

    Marechallannes Today, 00:05 Go to last post

    B-24 Maisto conversion

    These guys are back on the shelves here in the local toy stores! They have been noted before, but then the prices on ebay soared to $20+! They retail

    clipper1801 Today, 00:05 Go to last post

    WW2 Starter Set Availability

    Jeff - the next WW 2 starter set is the new Battle of Britain set.

    I don't think we'll see some of the old Deluxe Sets again with 4 different

    Marechallannes Yesterday, 23:59 Go to last post

    Another pic from New Zealand

    Helps when you have a company based there in NZ that does nothing but build and restore those beauties Bob - then you get jaw dropping shots like this

    flash Yesterday, 23:51 Go to last post

    WW2 Starter Set Availability

    Any word on when the WW2 Starter Set will be available again? I have been waiting for Miniature Market and Cool Stuff Inc to restock. They've been out

    Goose Yesterday, 23:51 Go to last post

    Another pic from New Zealand

    Great photo Baz, now pick the different models!

    Carl_Brisgamer Yesterday, 23:48 Go to last post

    London Bomb

    2' x 1' UXB dredged up from the Thames by workmen near Westeminster about 5.15 last night, causing closure of a couple of underground stations and minor

    flash Yesterday, 23:40 Go to last post

    Clipper's List

    Latest Recoveries!

    Looking for some out of print items? These are just in and ready for your hangers! All are in great shape, some in original

    clipper1801 Yesterday, 23:33 Go to last post

    Dornier Do17Z Stand - Wish List

    Hello, this is for Keith.
    Are you planning on having Dornier 17Z stands for sale on your Aerodrome Accessory site? Its on my wish list after

    Razor Yesterday, 21:59 Go to last post

    Colorado Military Historians (CMH)

    Dan, Just found your post here. We've got to get a WoW/WoG going. BTW I'm planning Battle of Britain scenarios at our club meetings in the coming year.

    Razor Yesterday, 21:50 Go to last post

    Surprise in Games

    I am pleased to find this thread, as I too have been pondering ways to introduce the element of surprise in WoG, to try to emulate the effect of being

    surfimp Yesterday, 21:41 Go to last post
    Walter Nowotny

    Another pic from New Zealand


    Walter Nowotny Yesterday, 19:14 Go to last post

    Another pic from New Zealand


    Teaticket Yesterday, 18:16 Go to last post
    Dirty Harry

    Another pic from New Zealand

    Dirty Harry Yesterday, 16:53 Go to last post

    Another pic from New Zealand

    Where do you guys get those planes? Again another awesome photo.

    BobP Yesterday, 16:41 Go to last post

    Another pic from New Zealand

    Lovely looking kites, there.
    And nice targets

    Jager Yesterday, 16:30 Go to last post


    I have painted many Shapeways WSF models & have only ever washed & cleaned them (leave to dry fo at least one day!)
    One coat of Tile

    gully_raker Yesterday, 16:23 Go to last post

    Another pic from New Zealand

    G'day All!
    Here is a great shot of two of the Vintage Aviator's BE 2's flying over Masterton in NZ.

    gully_raker Yesterday, 16:04 Go to last post

    Gun camera footage from Luftwaffe guns

    I have seen the one (1:30) quite a few times. Every time I see it I can only wonder if that plane made it back to England and if it did was anyone alive.

    BobP Yesterday, 15:53 Go to last post

    100 Years Ago Today

    Friday 19th January 1917
    Today we lost: 254
    Today’s losses include:
    ˇ A family that

    Skafloc Yesterday, 15:50 Go to last post
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