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    Feb. 2014

    Series 7
    Bristol Fighter
    Halberstadt CL.II
    Albatros D.II

    Early 2014

    Series 2 Reprint
    Fokker D.VII
    Sopwith Snipe
    LFG Roland C.II
    Airco D.H. 4

    Unknown Dates (2014?)

    Series 8
    Fokker D.VIII
    Nieuport 28
    Hannover CL.IIIa
    Macchi M.5


    Specials 2
    Avro Lancaster
    B-17 Flying Fortress

    Unknown Date

    WGS Series 6 or 7
    F4U Corsair
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  • 2012 Origins Lend-Lease

    The first annual Origins Lend-Lease Program is under way. This year the Con Committee has selected Guntruck as the lucky member to be the Wings of Glory Aerodrome guest of honor at Origins Game Fair 2012.

    For those of you that do not know Guntruck very well, he joined the site back in March of 2010. In that time he has accomplished many things here on the site and made numerous contributions to the site that include:

    Missions Flown: 127
    Sorties Flown: 2663
    Average Sorties per day: 4.06
    Photos in Albums: 749
    Reputation Points received: 186
    Aerial Victories: 38
    Articles written: 1
    Files Uploaded: 145

    If all of that was not enough, Guntruck volunteered for the position of Central England Squadron Commander and is now in charge of over 100 members. He is also the man responsible for making sure the signature images for all of the other Flight Leaders, Squadron Commanders and Wing Commanders are made. More recently, Guntruck has become a vital member of the Unofficial Aircraft Stat Committee.

    All of these things add up to a member deserving of the first ever selection for the Origins Lend-Lease Program!

    Congratulations Guntruck!

    In order to help raise the funds necessary to make all of this happen, the Wings of War Aerodrome will be holding multiple raffles and contests over the next several months. Each member that participates in these activities will receive the newly created Origins Ground Crew medal:

    The first fund raiser we are holding is a raffle for an unopened Wings of War Kempf Fokker DR.I miniature!

    I will run this raffle in the same manner as the other ones. Tickets cost US$5 each and for every ticket that you purchase, you will receive one raffle number (sent to you via PM here on the site). You can purchase as many tickets as you like to increase your chances of winning.

    This raffle has ended.

    The winner for this Lend Lease program was Grumpybear!

    Way to go Darrel!
  • Recent Posts



    A few images:

    Edinburgh by day:

    Then there was an air raid or something!

    Never got a wink of sleep all night!

    Skafloc Today, 16:19 Go to last post


    Extraction plan was fine and all RV's marked. But as you all know no plan survives first contact with swmbo. Ended up in SELKIRK! "Well I've never

    Skafloc Today, 16:13 Go to last post

    Meeting David Manley - The Lisbon Connection

    Hope you'll have a great time!

    Пилот Today, 16:07 Go to last post

    First real solo dogfight

    I have played WW1 solo many many times and love it. I only recently played WW2 for the first time. I printed Joaquim's new WW2 system and hope to try

    Teaticket Today, 15:58 Go to last post

    On this day 1 September - Germany invades Poland

    Once again: "Germany declared war in all directions"....

    csadn Today, 15:45 Go to last post

    Clippers Mysterious Present

    Do *NOT* ask where the Inflation Tube is.... >

    csadn Today, 15:39 Go to last post

    The Lost Voyager is found!

    It is.

    Guess how I know this? >

    csadn Today, 15:37 Go to last post

    Nakajima C6N1-S Saiun

    Which is quite irrelevant, as even without the floats, the M6A was still substantially slower than US second-line fighters; catching and killing an inbound

    csadn Today, 15:35 Go to last post

    Game: To End All Wars

    Looks dangerously interesting.
    Have you played it PBEM?

    Jager Today, 15:35 Go to last post

    Wings of Savage Mill (Maryland)

    Zeppelin, eh?
    That will spice things up a bit.

    jbmacek Today, 15:28 Go to last post
    Mad Charly

    aiuto per ricostruzione Max Hedrom's files

    Dear Mike
    some suggestions for Spanish Civil War

    and some for torpedo bomber

    Bye bye from Italy

    Mad Charly Today, 15:18 Go to last post

    First real solo dogfight

    Play with AI is great! Usually I dont have anyone to play with so i play solo. Richard Bradley's solo rules are pretty good, but for WWII i recommend

    Barkmann Today, 15:17 Go to last post

    First real solo dogfight

    Flying solo againse the 'machine' can be really challenging. I love it. I'll fly 2 on 3, 3 on 3, 3 on 4 and usually get beaten. Playing the OTT solo scenarios

    Teaticket Today, 14:50 Go to last post

    Any F2B champions out there?

    Having a 2 seater that can Immelmann is a wonderful thing.

    Teaticket Today, 14:46 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    Clouds again

    Have a look in our AARs. We have some clouds swanning about there with elevation. There is even a How To as well.


    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 14:42 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    Game: To End All Wars

    I must take a look at that. Is it anything like Total War Tommy. I have several of those on Steam.

    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 14:39 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    Meeting David Manley - The Lisbon Connection

    You are getting to meet a lot of us this year Quim.
    Do have a great time with Dave.
    Have a drink together for me.

    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 14:35 Go to last post

    4-5 days in Prague with the wife

    Lada's shop: ready.
    WWI briefcase: ready.
    Girlfriend: know about men's evening.

    Looks everything is OK.

    Dan-Sam Today, 14:31 Go to last post

    First real solo dogfight

    Your first solo dogfight experience sounds much like mine (well, I used WII planes). It is fun and a good "hold over" between times when I

    ptownhiker Today, 14:28 Go to last post

    Clouds again

    Hmmm should have looked here first!


    Baxter Today, 14:23 Go to last post
    Tommy Z

    Game: To End All Wars

    Sorry, not free $34.99 US online at Steam. Just released yesterday. I'm a huge fan of their Civil War games. It was an early birthday present to myself!

    Tommy Z Today, 14:22 Go to last post

    Game: To End All Wars

    Seems nice Tommy! Is it free? Taking the opportunity, i just saw that Battlefront is releasing Flames of War: Great War. I dont know if this is old but

    Barkmann Today, 14:16 Go to last post

    Clouds again

    Been looking at those great terrain maps in the thread here and I was thinking if anyone had actually done clouds that you could fly under? Might enhance

    Baxter Today, 14:15 Go to last post

    4-5 days in Prague with the wife

    So here we go to meet each other again, chaps.
    Tomorrow morning I am leaving for Praha and hope to be there around 13:00-14:00 hours. Will check

    Nightbomber Today, 14:15 Go to last post

    Any F2B champions out there?

    We flew with B/B gun rules as well and ignored the cards. We had 2 Brisfits and an RE8 against a couple of CL.II's and a Halberstadt 2. The ability to

    Baxter Today, 14:08 Go to last post
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