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  1. January's work bench

    So here is the latest version of the british jumping off trenches, sandbags removed as the only parapet shown in contemporary photos is made of chalk spoil from the trenches themselves (yet to be painted). I have done my best to show dirty calk in the trench floor, and thrown up by German counter shelling
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  2. January's work bench

    This is an aerial photo taken shortly before the attacks began in September 1915
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  3. January's work bench

    Having spoken to the museum curator, it is agreed that this diorama should depict as best as I am able, the battle at the Hohenzollern Redoubt, 13th October 1915 during which, elements of the 46th (North Midland) Division were involved. Specificaly the Leicestershire Regiment 1/5th battalion and 1/4th battlion, 138th (Lincoln and Leicester) Brigade.
    Several men from my village were members of the Leicesters, and were killed during their assault.
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  4. stuff

    Not sure how this blog thing works, bit of an experiment really.
    In response to blackronin I will be posting the progress of the museum project here, as well as the current shapeways aircraft in progress.
  5. January's work bench

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    I'll be following this thread.
    Hi Joaquim, i have another project which has to take precedence at the moment
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    this is hopefully going to end up 46cm (18") by 270cm (9ft) in our local museum, in 1/76 scale, approx 4mm-1ft I should get 140+ scale yards between front lines, so people can see just how far the PBI had to go under fire to reach their objectives. 140 yds is below average