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  1. Origins Lend Lease 2014 – Day 1

    I slept well and ignored the 6 hour time zone difference to the Central European time.

    07:00 am woke up in the hotel room with a nice view on the Columbus highways.

    07:20 am Keith and Riley picked Randy & me up for the breakfast


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  2. Origins Lend Lease 2014 – the Arrival

    Here is a short report of my impressions of the Origins game fair 2014 in Columbus Ohio.

    It was a great honor and an unforgettable experience to meet so many forum members in person.

    The friendliness, generosity and courteously of the people I met there left me many times speechless.

    03:00 am Left home with wife by car and drove to Munich airport the next 1,5 hours.

    First information at the Air France check in counter was: No direct connection ...

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  3. The Kindness of Strangers - Chapter 9 - Last Stand

    June 9, 1940

    "You've never finish the story of that mission in the P-40's, Joachim." "I did so." "No you didn't! We scrambled for an interception and you didn't have the time to finish the tale." "You're right, Kyte! Where was I, when we were interrupted?" "You had left your wingman... ah... the Polish one... dealing with the last Messerschmitt and you went on..." "Andrzej! Yes! That was the last time I saw him... Well. Earlier ...
  4. Summer Con 2014 Part III

    09:00 am – we met for breakfast at the Botel Restaurant. Two cups of coffee, bread and sausage will strengthen us for the last battles.

    We prepared for the Stalingrad mission, hosted by Kubajs and Dan-Sam.

    Jelena and Kancelot were sitting in front of the table, looking at the battlefield.

    From left to right: Kubajs, Dan-Sam, Andrzej, Thomatchef

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  5. Summer Con 2014 Part II

    08:00 am – the bell of my cell phone ringed and I woke up in a good condition.

    08:30 am - A knock on the door of Thomatchef’s room, a meeting with Andrzej on the floor and we had fast breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant.

    We were ready for the main battle day.

    On the way to the Con. Tramway line 22 brought us directly to Ladinek’s ...

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