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  1. Score sheet

    Here is the score sheet after the first three missions. I have modified since I last used it.
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  2. Capital Flight

    In 2012 I retired from the Navy, and with that the Pasadena Flight ended its war. Now with a new home, new job and new friends its time to call together a new Flight. I call it "Capital Flight". We are using a modified version of "Knights of the Air". We play a very simple version of Wings of Glory, no altitude or special damage. Ten of us have divided up and have begun playing. We have completed three missions already with the Central Powers leading.

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  3. Some Updates

    It's been a long, long, time...

    First, I bought a pair of Keudell Halberstadts to as an unknown pilot and the other as Goering. The unknown pilot is pictured here. The plane is actually more blue than purple in person, and I an not happy with some of the sloppy painting around the insignia, but it will do. For Goering I need the oh so slightest off white, which I do not currently have, so off to the hobby shop for the correct color.

  4. Shadows of the Mountain of Games – Second – Descent 2nd Edition

    The year was 1986. There were these adventure books where you were the hero. The first one that fell into my hands was part of a collection called “Lone Wolf”. You would follow a path “chosen” by you, connecting the numbers and pages, going forward and backward, creating a story and fighting monsters and bandits. A die, a sheet of paper and a pencil and off you go. That was my first plunge into RPG’s. I was fifteen years old and I tore off that book, repeating the adventure in that hot summer of ...
  5. Shadows of the Mountain of Games – First - The Call of Cthulhu

    The second RPG I’ve ever played was The Call of Cthulhu. Chaosium 2th Edition. Having read several Lovecraft novels and stories and having already opened my wings as a player and game master with D&D 1st Edition – the beautiful Red Box – I was immediately hooked by this possibility. As I was reading the rules I knew I would be a keeper of Call of Cthulhu forever. Years and years of gaming in the realms of the Outer Gods followed. This was a game for me. Not that I was specially enthusiast about ...