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  1. The Kindness of Strangers WW2 Campaign - Chapter 4 – 3000 or More - Part 2

    May 30, 1940

    "Dover! I thought we wouldn't make it." "How can I get back to my aerodrome?" "We'll see to it, don't you worry." Thank you, Captain." "No my boy. Thank you. If you weren't up there we wouldn't make it. Those Stukas are merciless." "I'm happy to be of help." "Your clothes are already dry. You can dress them. An Infantry Captain named Stewart wants to speak with you before you leave." "Very well, Captain.
  2. The Kindness of Strangers WW2 Campaign - Chapter 4 – 3000 or More - Part 1

    May 30, 1940

    "C'mon lad! Up we go! Take out that wet clothes and roll this blanket around yourself." "Than-thank you." "Don't talk for now. You're shaking. Drink this. I was saving it for when we dock at Dover but you can have it." "Thanks. The German?..." "Gone home, my lad. Those who survived... You boys were angels up there." "Thanks..." "Where are you from?" "Por... Por... Poland." "You Poles ...
  3. The Kindness of Strangers WW2 Campaign - Chapter 3 – Targets of Opportunity

    Late afternoon, 12 May 1940, Somewhere over NW France

    Two days ago, the German war machine had come to France, and “Marianne” was finding blitzkrieg to be an unforgiving dance partner. The initial thrust of the attack had broken through French lines in several locations; troops were already falling back before the flood, reeling from a coordinated series of strikes that had overwhelmed their defenses.

    It had been two of the longest, most frustrating days of my life. ...
  4. New Year = New Energy!

    Da boys (Smitch, The G Dog, and Adler64) and I have been getting some gaming in with more on the immediate horizon! That, coupled with a slow down at work after the holiday season that allows me to recoup my life a bit, has got my Wings of Glory sap rising (I was going to say juices flowing...).

    Last weekend several of us met at The Hobby Shop in Miamisburg, which is south of Dayton, in good ol' Ohio. We played three games of Wings of Glory, took a beer break, I mean lunch break, ...

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  5. The Kindness of Strangers WW2 Campaign - Chapter 2 - Introductions

    Early morning, 10 May 1940, Berry-au-Bac, France

    Tendrils of mist curled skyward as the last vestiges of night fled before the dawn. The muted sounds of a little village waking up filled the air, heralding a day full of promise. The air was crisp and clean; the showers of the previous evening having dispersed. It was, by almost any standard, a beautiful morning.

    Sergeant (Pilot) Christopher George Raymond, No. 1 Squadron RAF, noticed none of these things. Instead, ...