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  1. Wings of War and Glory - Prologue: Arriving at the Aerodrome

    It was June 28, 1915 the day I arrived the aerodrome at the front. I was asked to join the Fliegertruppen des deutschen Kaiserreiches (Imperial German Flying Corps) after my Infantry superiors decided that I was a good shot and had the eyes of a lynx. After spending four months learning to fly, I received my order to join the 3rd Kest. Kest means Kampfeinsitzerstaffel (Combat single-seater squadron), and it was the name of fighter squadrons before they became known as Jastas in late 1916 with the ...
  2. To Campaign or Not to Campaign

    The boys (The G Dog, Adler64, Smitch) and I have bandied about the idea of doing some sort of campaign. Not a new concept for 'Drome members based on the amount of posts and file submissions that cover that very topic. After downloading several campaign files, I believe I may be even more confused than ever!

    I was leaning towards a monthly campaign, where each gaming session was a month, starting with the arrival of the Eindekker and moving towards November of 1918. This would ...
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  3. Chapter 7: Blighty

    Chapter 7: Blighty.

    Biggles was out of hospital within 3 weeks. Unfortunately his posting back to France was delayed, somewhat, by a short detour to a training establishment at Woodbridge, a little to the north east of Ipswich. On arrival he found he was billeted in a room at the home of Mrs Willoughby-White, whose husband was the secretary of the Woodbridge Golf Club. The house stood in a small copse of trees and had its own swimming pool and was located just off the ...

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  4. Chapter 6: The penny drops

    “Aufmerksamkeit. Offiziere darf ich vorstellen Hauptman Leffens, ihrem neuen Kommandandt.” The officer standing in the door was slightly built, a monocle in his left eye, his dress overcoat draped over his shoulders. He looked with indifference around the room. Hauptman Leffens looked each and every officer in the eye. Each and every officer knew this was not a man to be trifled with. His reputation had preceded him. OberLeutnant Willhelm von Klugermann, adjutant of Jasta 23c, looked towards his ...

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  5. Chapter 5: Revenge for the fallen

    Chapter 5: Revenge for the fallen

    2 Hun Albatross from the activityMajor Mullen explained to Captain Maclaren the importance of the reconnaissance photographs that Corps Hq required again. “Now Captain, Corps need those photographs as they are suspicious of activity reported by the French just to our south. They have information that the Hun is building up supplies in their rear area just behind the front line opposite Corps area”.
    “I know sir, but we’ve had this before ...

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