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  1. The Kindness of Strangers WW2 Solo Campaign: Chapter 11 - Falcons and eagles

    June 7, 1940

    They were eager to know the story. Kyte served drinks and then he sat himself in a green sofa expecting me to begin. I looked at Joachim. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders. I looked at the other ones, Eris, James, Nick, Dave, Mike and Johnny and I felt a strange comradeship, even if to some of them I was but a stranger a few days ago. "Go on, Andrzej", said Nick, anxious for me to start. "Well... We were now in the middle of the Summer of '37", ...
  2. Early Doors Mission 5 - The Bigger They Come May 3rd 1916

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    Butchers Tally.


    2LT. Ronald Tuffield;

    SD/FLM/S/FT/2WIA Poor bugger didn't stand a chance. (2D6 = 7-5) KIA

    2 Lt. Robert James;

    SD/FT (2D6 = 11-1); All well when you land well

    Central Powers
  3. AAR Mission 6: "Oh Canada"--the Battle of Mount Sorrel - 8th June 1916

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    Iím so glad I added additional scouts to each side, it was a very intense fight and when I turned over that first boom card my jaw dropped literally as it was so unexpected. Both Eindeckers couldnít bring the DH2ís down even with the majority of fire coming from them, so many zeros I was get frustrated.

    The Albatros C.I put up a valiant fight, I almost turned for home when I drew the 3 damage Crew card but remembered the rules about specific decks, big
  4. The Collection, or How the Wright Flight Needs An Intervention

    I've been updating the aircraft list for the Wright Flight, just the core players, and thus far five of us have 300 Ares/Nexus aircraft and balloons. When pulling the information together, it is apparent that we have too many Olieslager Camels, can field a bombing wing of Capronis, and have more Fokker Dr.Is than were actually built during the war. Okay, I may be stretching the truth a
  5. Dawn Patrol Rendezvous Recap

    There are a SLEW of pictures found in this album:

    I believe I have recovered sufficiently enough to put together a bit of a summary of my experiences of the recent Dawn Patrol, held at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Overall, it was a great weekend. The weather cooperated with cool morning temps ...
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