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  1. Next Time

  2. Updated score sheet

    Germans still leading in overall points, however the Allies have sent the campaign back to mission one.
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  3. Mission 4 and 5

    First I want to welcome Cameron and Mike to our little war. Cameron has joined the Allies while Mike joined the right side, I mean the Central Powers.

    The 5th and 6th missions were decidedly Allied victories.
    The Central Powers still have a small lead in total mission points, 35 to 28, but the Allies have taken the war back to mission 1.
    The biggest game changer would be Mat. His opening score was -1. He finished today with 12 points. Congratulations

  4. Mission 2 and 3 pictures

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    The Allies plotting.

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  5. Mission 2 and 3.

    Mission 2 debrief: No balloons, One Allied anti-aircraft gun. Some really crappy damage cards brought down Steve S. and his two seater early. Steve B. Managed to recon all three targets but was unable to make it home with the intell. Thomas barely escaped and saved his plane. Big win for the Allies. This CP loss forced a replay of the Recon Mission.

    Mission 3 debrief: Allies had one balloon, Central Powers had one AA gun. Learning from the last failed recon mission before, the Central ...
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