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  1. trenches on display

    Finally the trench project is done
    I took these with my phone so not the clearest perhaps
    the information sheets and maps are to be properly reproduced and mounted by the museum for this exhibition
    Name:  finished trench 1.jpg
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    the view from the British trench
    Name:  finished trench 2.jpg
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    Name:  finished trench 3.jpg
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    Name:  finished trench 4.jpg
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    Name:  finished trench 5.jpg
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    the viw from the German ...
  2. January's work bench

    I keep calling this January's work bench when it is now April, still, nearly finished.
    Name:  trench diorama.jpg
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    I have had to shorten the project's length, as I have run out of money and time, but the effect is still there I hope.
    There are approximately 134 scale yards between the two front lines, I left the side of our staircase in the picture so you can get some idea of size...the boards measure 2010mm in length and 440mm wide. The original plan was to have it 2760mm ...
  3. January's work bench

    The German lines about done. there is a bit of tidying and blending of edges to finish, but the figures are glued in nowName:  german trench defence 1.jpg
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    the barbed wire is copper electrical strand (,020mm) coiled round the handle of a modelling knife, or laid out straight and turned around the wooden posts.
    the post are match sticks, halved in length, and then quartered lenthwise, and pushed into the base materialName:  German wire 1.jpg
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    Name:  german wire 2.jpg
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  4. January's work bench

    I have been working on the German trenches for while

    Name:  WW1 German trench1.jpg
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    The intention is to show how the Germans were building more permanent defensive positions
    Name:  WW1 german trench2.jpg
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    with better weapons siting
    Name:  WW1 german trench 3.jpg
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    wider, more solidly constructed trenches
    Name:  WW1 german trench 4.jpg
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    this last however shows the result of a direct hit (off stage) from Archie.

    next post, ...
  5. The Kindness of Strangers - Chapter 8 - A Pair of Flies

    June 8, 1940

    "How was it your first kill?" "What?" "Your first kill. Was it a fighter? A bomber? When was it?" "It was March first, 1937, Kyte." "Good Lord. You know the exact date?!" "Yes, Natalya kissed me for the first time that day." "What!? You remember the date because of a kiss and not because of a plane you've downed?!" "Both things were important..." "I see... And what was the plane, Joaquim?!" ...
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