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  1. How to do an Observation Balloon

    I needed a balloon so I decided to scratchbuild one. With the nice help of Dave (Clipper) on correct measurements I start making the paper moulds for the Balloon. You can look for the plans in the file section:

    After the moulds were created, I cut the numerous parts in cardboard from a pizza package. I love pizza and I love cardboard.

  2. Scenario 1 Turn 10

    Currently the Bloody April game is at turn 10. It is March 4th 1918. The current time is 10:48 AM The weather is clear, and a 15 MPH wind blows from the northeast.
    The air is full of planes this morning with:

    2 Sqn (Counter 1) performing an artillery cooperation mission trying to soften up fortifications in Lens.
    2 Sqn (Counter 2) is just finishing up a photo recon mission over the Provin aerodrome and the railway around it. The aerodrome might be getting some ...

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  3. The Stand: The Final Flight of Frank Luke, Jr.

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    The Stand: The Final Flight of Frank Luke, Jr.
    Stephen Skinner
    It is not often I read biographies, I tend to stick towards the operation side of things. But for some reason I was drawn to read Stephen Skinner's The Stand: The Final Flight of Lt. Frank Luke, Jr. The better half picked this one up for me recently as a birthday gift (shouldn't our parents - particularly our mothers - be the
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  4. Wings of War and Glory - Interlude 2: Experimental Fighter

    October 1, 1915

    Oberst Metzger was waiting for me at the dining hall. Rittmeister Jan Schlesinger and Oberleutnant Leonhard Schultz were also there. The three of them were calmly seated. "Have you called me, Sir?" I've asked while I saluted all my superior officers. "Yes indeed I did, Joachim. Have a glass of brandy. please." he paused. "I have three things to tell you and I don't want you to wait with your mouth dry." I admit that at that moment I got ...

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  5. The Kindness of Strangers WW2 Campaign - Prologue 1 (A Polished Entry)

    May 24, 1940

    "Are you telling me that you've fought in the Armée de l'Air and now you want to join the Royal Air Force. Is that it?" "Yes sir. That's exactly what I'm saying." "Have you abandoned the Armée de l'Air? Are you just another rat abandoning the ship when it is sinking?" "No sir. The French don't have fighters enough for them to fly so they let me go with all the other "etrangéres"." "They did? But they keep asking for ...

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