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  1. The Shapeways Experiment - Part I Prep Work

    As you know, there are many designers on Shapeways offering 1/144th scale World War One aircraft. Many of these offerings are now being covered within the Nexus/Ares range of miniatures, but there are many others out there to help fill in those holes not covered by the official game miniatures. Last year I ordered a Pflaz D.XII and a Kettering Bug; the Pfalz is still to be painted, while the Bug was kindly painted for me by Smitch. The stories I have heard about my gaming buddies and what they ...
  2. Wings of War and Glory - Chapter 9: Nieuport 11

    January 17, 1916

    Finally the weather opened enough for us to fly. Having lost my plane I had to take another one. The weather was so cold that only my plane´s engine started. I went alone to make a sweep over the front. When I first saw them I thought that a scout was escorting a photo recon biplane. I was wrong. At the time I wasn't aware but this was the newest French scout. Le Nieuport Bebe."

    They weren't immediately aware of me.

  3. New Display Model of the Tommy - National Museum of the United States Air Force

    Recently on a trip with some great Check Your 6! gents we saw a new display in the lobby of the Air Force Museum. We all looked at the model, and came away with Sopwith Camel. I should have known better. It is a see through model of the Thomas-Morse Scout!

    Great video of the model and its builder:

  4. Cincy/Dayton Group - First Event

    I have just posted an event on Facebook for the Cincy/Dayton folks. All are welcome of course. Will be held Sunday, July 27th, at The Hobby Shop in Miamisburg. Shop opens at noon, we should start rolling, I mean placing cards, about 12:30. Only 1915-16 aircraft and using the boom card with most of the rules.

    Event details on Facebook group page: Wings of War/Glory

    We will probably play several games, but at least one 1915 and one 1916 game. These are ...

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  5. Kicking the Tires

    Hmmm, it has been FAR too long since I have been active both on the group and here on my blog. I think waiting so long for various items I've ordered or are waiting to order has put my Wings of War/Glory gaming on hold. Still needing some custom hangers made, waiting for that Lend-Lease Operation Gemeinschaft Coin, waiting for the next series to be produced...waiting, waiting, waiting. Please do not take that last sentence the wrong way, I am not blaming Herr Oberst for my waiting on the great ...
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