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  1. Next Wright Flight Events

    The next two Wright Flight gaming events have been scheduled for February 13th and march 26th at The Hobby Shop near Dayton, Ohio. Themes for both are yet to be determined but we have plenty of aircraft so no need to bring anything. Always a grand time!
  2. Creating a Campaign

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    Campaign Thoughts I - The Wright Flight have been talking for some time about doing a campaign, allowing players to develop a pilot persona that would carry over from gaming session to gaming session. One of the members suggested using the American 94th Aero and picking a German Jasta as their counterparts. If we do a campaign based on the 94th Aero, some factors to be considered before even delving into how would we track kills, earn Ace skills, set up scenarios ...
  3. The Kindness of Friends

    With respect to Blackronin's blog....

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    The Wright Flight started from a group of gamers who have been pushing lead around tabletops for many years. Ranging from Napoleonics to World War II to everything before, in between, and after, we have forged friendships and shared many excellent experiences over a dew decades now. When we started getting really involved with Wings of Glory a few years ago, we started gaming at The Hobby Shop in Dayton, created ...
  4. Glory Blog: Entry number 39

    Replacement entry for original number 39 in which I'm choosing to be honest again about my current situation. My disability for now has won and I was admitted to hospital on December 18th on a Section 28. So I may be here for some time and as for the damage this potentially could cause to my playing career - well I will just have to take that on the chin. I am on my phone as here you only get one hour internet access every day and I have burned most of that finding and buying a few diecast 1/72 ...

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  5. The Military Heritage Chapter of the League of World War One Historians

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    Damn, that is one long-assed name for a group of folks, based mostly in southwestern and central Ohio, that gather quarterly to talk about World War One aircraft, the men that flew them, and the tactics they used. Anyone is open to join, membership is free, and the group is very welcoming.

    The next meeting is slated for January 23rd at the Huffman Prairie Flying Field Interpretive Center, starting at 1:00 p.m. Chapter member Mike Rogers will be ...
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